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Home Owners Associations

We have taken care of the pressure cleaning needs for several HOA communities in the Tampa Bay Area. We work side by side with HOA Leaders and Community Development District Centers to find out exactly what they need and want, and we get it done in a timely and professional manner.

Our goal in working with these communities is to service their pressure cleaning needs as quickly and professionally as possible and to be as unintrusive as possible so that residents may go about their daily living without being burdened by the inconveniences of workers, trucks and running equipment. When an HOA hires us to clean, we go about completing the work with the idea that the entire community is our customer and they should be listened to and treated with the utmost level of respect as this is who the HOA is representing.

One of the major benefits to having one company take care of the cleaning of an entire neighborhood is that you as the HOA are able to take advantage of significant savings. We currently have an HOA in Wesley Chapel, FLorida that used to send out driveway cleaning notices to their home owners and they would then have to shop around to get their driveways cleaned. When an individual called us to have their driveway cleaned we charged $85. This resulted in the residents paying more and the community as a whole having a having a very inconsistent look between dirty and clean driveways. After talking with the HOA and explaining the benefits to having them all done at once, we were hired to clean all driveways and sidewalks for only $30 each! This resulted in a savings for the community. No more cleaning notices being sent out and a neighborhood that looks consistently clean all year long.

HOA Pressure Cleaning Projects Include:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks, walkways, street gutters and curbing
  • Houses/Condos/Apartment Building Complexes
  • Common Areas (Club Houses, Pool Areas, Parks, etc.)

If you are a Board Member, President, Property Management Company or even a Resident as a part of an HOA Community and have a Pressure Cleaning project which you feel meets this criteria, give us a call and we will make your community sparkle!

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