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Our residential pressure cleaning services include:

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

This low pressure chemical cleaning process will attack the black algae growing on your roof. This process is used for both Tile and Shingle roofs and has countless benefits over having the roof pressure washed. The roof will come cleaner, stay clean longer and because the chemical is applied with pressure similar to a garden hose there is no need to worry about roof damage due to high pressure forces.

In order to protect your landscaping from chemical damage we completely cover shrubs, grass, flowers and anything else with heavy duty tarps and ensure all these areas are kept well watered and protected.

House Exterior/Siding Cleaning/Paint Prep

Whether you just want the stucco and surrounding areas spruced up for the holidays or need old chalky paint ripped down we can take care of it. Our home exterior cleaning is a two-step process which allows us to lightly chemically clean areas taken over by green or black algae and then come back over it with a slightly stronger fresh water rinse. This cleaning really makes the whites white and the color of the house pop.

Driveways, Sidewalks and Walkways

In our southern climate, it is very common for the outside surfaces to become soiled with dirt, algae, tree droppings and general grime. Adding man’s contributions with oil spots, sprinkler rust stains and tire marks, these areas can become a huge eye sore and even become dangerously slippery.

We will treat your surface with the proper chemicals and cleaning techniques in order to make it as clean as can be. While some areas can remain slightly stained due to age and surface porosity, with the use of our HOT WATER (200 degree) pressure cleaners and variety of detergents and chemicals, we are generally able to completely clean most common surfaces.

Screen Enclosures

A screen enclosure or screened in porch can be very convenient for keeping bugs and mosquitos out. The downside is that after a year or two the frames and screening start to show green algae. If the enclosure is large and you’ve got a swimming pool it can be very difficult to properly clean it without damaging the screen.

Our screen enclosure cleaning is done using a two-step soap/bleach and fresh water rinse process. Spraying the soap/bleach mixture at a low pressure allows the algae to be thoroughly cleaned without creating any damage to the screen material or aluminum due to high pressures. We then completely rinse the enclosure with fresh water and your screen enclosure is ready for use! All screen enclosure cleanings are done thoroughly inside and out.

Brick and Travertine Pavers

Brick and Travertine Pavers have become a very popular way to enhance the look of your home. Some common problems with them is the growth of black and green algae on the surfaces and even hard moss growth between the joints.

While it may seem in some cases that the pavers are ruined when covered in so much grime, it’s a pretty simple process for us to remove it and properly treat the pavers with algae growth-inhibitors. We can also re-sand between the paver joints as this sand tends to wash out over time.

These are some of the most common Residential projects we can take care of. Some additional areas and surfaces we clean include:

  • Wood and Composite Decking and Boat Docks
  • Sea Walls
  • Wood and Vinyl Fencing
  • Landscape Curbing
  • Rain Gutter Cleanout/Downspout Cleanout

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